CLAN – Counting GEMs

Counting GEMs

If you wish to know how many of each GEM you have in your files, you can use the freq command.

This is what you do:

  1. Open the Command window
  2. Type freq
  3. File in> select the file or files you wish to analyze
  4. Tier > Include @BG:
  5. Done
  6. Tier > exclude speaker tiers
  7. Done
  8. The command should now look like this

freq @ +t@BG: -t*

  1. Run the command
  2. You will see that the output counts the tokens included in the @BG tiers:

4 act-patient

1 and

2 convergence

2 exam-modelling

1 medical-term

2 prefacing

3 repetition

1 safety-netting

6 transition


29 Total number of different item types used

65 Total number of items (tokens)

0.446 Type/Token ratio

Note: If you have not connected separate words in a phrase, it will count them as separate tokens. For example, a GEM named ‘extreme case’ will output as



To avoid this, use some linking symbol (‘-‘ or ‘_’) when naming the GEM.

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