CLAN – Embedding Still Images

Embedding Still Images

You may want to add still images to your transcript, for example screenshots of documents the participants are referring to in the talk, or a screenshot of the intonation contours. These will then appear when you reach the selected point in the transcript.

This is how:

  1. Make sure you are not in Sonic Mode (See Mode menu)
  2. Insert a blank line into the transcript.
  3. In the blank line, add the header %pic: followed by a tab, and (optional) a name for the image
  4. Add a bullet (ctrl+I)
  5. Locate the picture (not sure all formats are supported: definitely jpegs though)
  6. Click Open File
  7. The image is now added to your CLAN file. Ctrl+click on the bullet to see the image.
  8. When playing the file with F6, the image will appear in a separate box when you reach the place where you inserted the file.



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