Photoshop – Anonymize/Blur Images – Tutorial

1. Open Photoshop
2. Click “Open”




3. Select the file you want to edit, click “Open”




4. Select “Elliptical Mask” tool




5. Click and drag around the face of a person, you can click and drag the mask to adjust the position




6. Go to “Filter” and “Blur” and click “Gaussian Blur”




7. Set the blur to around 40-60, then click “OK”




8. Click and drag a mask around the next face




9. Go to “Filter” and click “Gaussian Blur”. (The settings are the same as for the first one)




10. Keep making masks around the face, then go to “Filter” and click “Gaussian Blur” until all faces are anonymised







11. Go to “File” and click “Save As”




12. Give your file a name, click “Save”




13. Click “OK”







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