Befunky – Anonymize/Blur Image Tutorial

1. Go to
2. Click on “Photo Editor”




3. Click “Upload” and click “Computer”




4. Select the image you want to edit and click “Open”




5. In the left menu select “Blur”




6. Increase the amount to maximum and click on “Paint” (Do not click the blue check mark button yet)




7. Click the “Reverse” button




8. Adjust the amount bars to the amount you want




9. In the image, click on the area you want to blur, keep clicking until everything is as blurred as you need it to be.






10. Once you have blurred everything, click the blue button with the check mark. This applies the effect to the image.




11. Click on “Save” and click “Computer”




12. Give the file a name, choose the format and click “Save”




13. Set the destination and click “Save”










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